Fast Food / Economical

See suggestions for pizza, burgers, chicken and more fast and economical food - to eat in, take away or home delivery - or select a different type of restaurant.

This is Cozumel

El Foco

Their specialty is tacos, but their soups and other items are great too.

Order one of the El Foco specials for about $8 and it will feed two people.

This is Cozumel

Ninos Pizza

Fast cheesy pizzas to eat in, take away or delivered to your door.

Location: Avenida 3 between Calles Salas and 3.

Tel. 872-4166

This is Cozumel

Mr Pollo

Fast BBQ chicken, chicken wings and chicken breast. Home delivery.

Location: Avenida 65 on the corner with Calle 1.

Tel. 857 2650

This is Cozumel

Los Seras Taqueria

They serve some of the best tacos al pastor on the island.

Two people can eat for $6-7 including sodas.

Try the Al Pastor pizza for a real flavor treat.

This is Cozumel

El Mercado

This is not just one eatery, but various small open-air restaurants around El Mercado (the market).

They get crowded at breakfast with locals and visitors who know how to stretch their food budget.

We have eaten breakfast at several of them for under $3 and have had several excellent lunches here also.

This is Cozumel

Las Flamitas

Here is another terrific cocina económica (economical kitchen) with a big bang for your peso.

No English spoken, but it is worth the effort to eat here.

$3-5 gets you soup, entree, and drink, with a choice of 5-6 entrees daily.

The Sopa de Lima is highly recommended - some of the best Yucatecan food on the island.

This is Cozumel

La Caleta del Tio Jose

This is another relatively new addition to Cozumel that is quickly becoming popular with both Mexicans and expatriate locals.

They have some great beer and drink specials with 2 for 1 mixed drinks from 5-7pm.

They have inexpensive offerings on the menu, with free salsa and chips from 11am-5pm.

This is Cozumel

El Pique

A local taqueria serving tacos al pastor and gringas (pastor with added cheese).

Five or six of these plus a soda and you have dinner for under $4.

This is Cozumel

Loncheria las Palmas

This is a very popular dining place for the locals. 

Daily specials include soup, entree and drink for under $5.

A bit more expensive, but still cheap is the shrimp brochette, a grilled shrimp dish that is outstanding.

This is Cozumel

Asadero El Pollo

Yummy grilled chicken with bags of rice, salsa, onions and lots of corn tortillas.

They close when they run out of chicken... it can be as early as 3pm or as late as 7pm.

Prices are inexpensive and the chicken is grilled over a wood burning fire.

This is Cozumel

La Hach

Enjoy some good food and good drinks, at good prices. They have subs, sandwiches and Mexican snacks.

Frozen drinks are 2 for 1 all day at only $5, no tourist prices here.

This is Cozumel

El Triunfo Rosticeria

This is a rotary-roasted chicken place cooking over the wood fire. You can buy quarter, half or whole chicken.

It also comes with side dishes and tortillas.

This is Cozumel

Bob's Cozumel

Visit this great place for one of the biggest beers on the island or one of their other refreshing signature adult beverages.

Be sure and try the (quickly becoming) famous Italian Melt sandwich with a side of homemade fresh daily Pasta Salad, you won't be sorry you did!

This is Cozumel

Parrilla Cozumel

Great sandwiches and chicken dinners and now they have added breakfast too.

Free and fast delivery is available.

This is Cozumel


Recommended for breakfast. Good food, moderate prices.

We hardly ever see tourists here, although some must visit as their menu is available in English.

Great eggs with green sauce and wonderful juice, makes for the perfect start to your day.

This is Cozumel

Gorditos Burritos

Build your own burrito, torta or taco! Choose from several delicious ingredients and everything under $5.

This is Cozumel


Typical home style Yucatan cooking. The pozole comes highly recommended.

Tuesday is chile relleno day, get there early because they have some of the best on the island and can run out quickly.

This is Cozumel

El Sitio Tacos

Be adventures and eat breakfast like a local.

Serving some of the best seafood tacos and sandwiches in town.

Eat in or get them to go and take them on the boat or to the beach for your lunch.

This is Cozumel


A great place to stop in and have an evening snack of salbutes (small tortillas with a variety of toppings), or some tasty panuchos (tortillas filled with beans and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and meat).

This is Cozumel


Here is another popular cocina economica (economical kitchen) with home style Yucatan cooking.

For about $5 you get soup, entree, rice, veggies and drink.

Eat in the dining room or enjoy your meal in the garden.