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It is nothing special to look at but well worth the trip. 

Go there for meat called arrechera: there is national and international style, both are very good. 

Feel free to order off the menu but we recommend for 2 people is 1/2 kilo of national arrechera meat with your choice of a baked onion or baked potato along with salsa, crema, avocado, lime and fresh tortillas.

This allows you to make the best tacos ever! 

Always packed full of people, it is also a good place to buy your meat for a BBQ at home (it is a butcher shop and restaurant), just fantastic.

Location: Ave 5 ½ block before the cemetery

Telephone: 987-872-2277

Information from Cozumel guide book 'Cozumel the Complete Guide II'. Order your eBook or paperback copy online now.