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This holiday high season is shaping up to be a merry one in Cozumel, as cruise ship arrivals and hotel occupation increase for December and January.

Many one day island excursions and beach packages have already sold out for the Christmas and New Year period and shops downtown are looking forward to a bumper couple of months.


Local tour manager, Luis Alexander, said "our Jeep tours and dune buggy trips are big favorites with visitors over Christmas and the New Year, we've sold out for many dates already and are looking forward to showing more people around the island than ever".

Nic Ferroni, owner of popular local guest house, Casa Viento, said this year many people are discovering what a great winter destination Cozumel is, adding, "things are looking up for this high season!"

Cozumel high season
Mayan history tours.


The global economic crisis has hit Cozumel, like everywhere else in the world, but there are encouraging signs of growth in the island's tourism market this winter.

The historic Mayan event of December 21 is also having an effect, say tour guides in Cozumel.

Tours to Chichen Itza on the mainland and San Gervasio Mayan ruins on the island are proving particularly popular, along with visits to Mayan steam lodges, as visitors seek to learn more about Mayan history and the importance of this special date.

If you're visiting Cozumel over the winter high season be sure to book your tours and activities in advance. Have a fantastic vacation and Happy Holidays!