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Private Snorkel Boat

Enjoy snorkeling in a small group, away from the splashing fins and flailing arms of other snorkelers, on our new private Cozumel snorkel boat tour.

We use a fast 4 passenger boat for these private trips, guaranteeing the best personalized service. You also have the flexibility to start at any time between 8am and 2pm, which is great for cruise passengers who are trying to fit a snorkel tour with their port times.

Cozumel Snorkel Boat

You'll be taken to the south-west of the island to reefs such as Palancar and Colombia. The small boat means you can change location easily to avoid reefs that are crowded with other boats and snorkel away from the crowds.

Private snorkel

See magnificent reef formations, colorful tropical fish and Cozumel's other forms of exciting marine life. If you're lucky you might even see a ray, turtle or clawless lobster.

Most importantly, whatever you see underwater you will be able to enjoy in peace, away from crowds of other snorkelers.

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