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Try our new private guided tour with transport, and enjoy the most amazing Mexican food and drink.

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Many free Cozumel tequila tastings and tequila "factories" are little more than stores that offer a free drink and brief explanation before selling you tequila at exorbitant price. Our tour is very different.

You'll learn the origin, history, method of preparation and, of course, the correct way to savor and appreciate this wonderful beverage.

As you're guided through a flight of distinctly different tequilas you'll literally taste the aging process and importance of wooden barrels.

Learn to detect the subtle flavors and components that make up Mexico’s famous drink. Much like a fine single-malt whisky, these tequilas deserve to be sipped and savored.

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And after you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time to taste the history of Mexico with delicious regional food. Enjoy a typical Mexican soup and diverse taster of 6 dishes. Each recipe will be explained in detail as you tuck in.

If you dare to try the hot habanero chili sauce, don't worry, you have a refreshing drink included too!

Of course, you can also buy bottles of the excellent tequila you've tasted, and rest assured you're getting a genuinely good price.

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