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Plastic surgery overseas is no longer just for fugitives and the famous.

High domestic medical costs and soaring demand for plastic surgery in the United States mean Mexico is becoming a natural alternative for Americans seeking an affordable tuck-and-nip or nose job, and Cozumel is at the forefront of the trend.


Local clinics, hotels and even politicians have been promoting the island as a destination for cosmetic surgery, weight loss and other medical tourism, and patients from far and wide are now discovering the benefits of combining medical procedures with a vacation, allowing them to relax and recover in a safe, comfortable environment.

Cozumel medical care
Professional medical care.


But the biggest selling point is, of course, price.

Although surgeons on the island stress the quality and safety of their work too, the real attraction is that you can save as much as 80% on some procedures when compared with the United States.

The internet makes it easy to compare prices between the United States, Mexico, and other destinations too. Online guides to plastic surgery mean you can easily browse a variety of surgeons and ask them questions before you decide where to have your treatment.

Clearly, doing your research is highly important when considering plastic surgery, not just to find the best deal, but also to check the trustworthiness of overseas doctors and clinics.

Now patients can use search engines and social networks to do detective work on their doctors before committing to life-changing operations and treatments.


Cozumel weight loss
Cozumel weight loss programs.

Whether you're just starting your research or are ready to go ahead, Cozumel represents an excellent option to consider for safe, affordable plastic surgery.

Next time you visit, maybe you'll return home looking and feeling better because of more than just a sun tan?

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